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Our Social Ads methodology

Our digital communications agency takes care to define key performance indicators (KPIs) specifically adapted to each social network, whether you’re currently using it or planning to target it. This personalized approach ensures that our strategies are not only aligned with the unique characteristics of each platform, but also perfectly tailored to your marketing and sales objectives. At Happy Biz, we don’t just create ads; we build customized strategies that resonate with your audience and propel your business to new heights of online success.

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The key stages of our Social Ads service

Social Ads analysis

We start with a careful analysis of your targets, breaking down who they are, their behaviors and preferences. This detailed understanding of the target audience is crucial to creating messages that resonate and engage. Next, we evaluate your current engagement rate on social networks, a key indicator of how well your content connects with your audience. We also examine your conversion path, identifying the key stages at which prospects turn into customers, and looking for opportunities for optimization.

Choice of KPIs

Setting clear and precise objectives is at the heart of our process for creating advertising strategies on social networks. We work closely with you to define objectives that reflect your sales and marketing aspirations. This crucial step enables us to develop a tailor-made strategy, perfectly aligned with your company’s needs and particularities.

Social Ads strategy

We understand that every company is unique, with its own social media goals and challenges. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating tailor-made advertising campaign strategies, designed specifically to meet your key objectives. Our process starts with a thorough understanding of your brand, your audience and your business aspirations. From there, we develop a coherent, targeted advertising strategy, using the tools and platforms best suited to your message and audience.

Why choose Happy Biz for your Social ADS campaign?

In a world where social media dominate the digital landscape, an effective advertising campaign on these platforms can transform your business. Happy Biz is at the forefront of Social Ads campaign creation and management, and here’s why we’re the best choice for your social media advertising needs.

In-depth expertise: Our Social Ads specialists have in-depth knowledge of the different social platforms, from Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and LinkedIn. This expertise enables us to design campaigns that are perfectly aligned with the specificities and audiences of each network.

Customized strategies: At Happy Biz, we know that every brand is unique. We develop customized advertising strategies that resonate with your target audience, while highlighting what makes your brand special.

Precise targeting: Effective use of data for targeting is crucial in Social Ads. We use advanced targeting techniques to reach precisely the most relevant audience segments, increasing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Constant analysis and optimization : We don’t just launch campaigns; we continuously monitor and optimize them. By analyzing performance in real time, we adjust strategies to maximize return on investment.

By choosing Happy Biz for your Social Ads campaigns, you’re opting for an expert, personalized and results-driven approach. Contact us to turn your social networking presence into a powerful engine for growth.

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